Paul sees the world in what could be described as a flip side view of typical thinking. The flip side view, he believes, is in fact our natural state and the typical mass view is in fact a kind of unhelpful human adaptation.

Paul has worked with a number of business and organisations to help them develop and operate in new creative ways. His philosophy works even when applied to sectors or disciplines he has no experience in, by showing those involved how to apply this radical but  simple process.

He believes that virtually all groups have more than enough skills and experience, but this expertise is seriously constricted by preconceived thinking not allowing it to be deployed in an optimal way.

A days workshop with Paul produces powerful results, Those attending, even sometimes with 30 years experience in their field, report seeing things in a way they had never considered before.

He believes you can see examples of this across all walks of life both Public and Private, where very simple changes would produce astonishing results.

A simple example, he points out, is that of obesity and type 2 diabetes, which in the US alone costs over $1Trillion and creates much misery. It could be solved very quickly with a few simple actions. The irrefutable evidence of how to do this is already clearly established and the medical professionals and government agencies have the capability to do it, but are stuck by the orthodoxy of normal thought. The problem is not one that requires a new technical solution but one that requires organisational and individual willingness to change.

Of course there are great examples of those that operate in this flip side world – two such thinkers are Steve Jobs of Apple or presently Elon Tusk of Tesla and of course there are many other individuals who we will never hear about.

Paul’s organisations, projects and companies:

Lavelle Bikes

Lavelle Coffee

Polar Environmentalist

Cotswolds Barns

Cotswold House

Eco Barn


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